Muzzling of Government Scientists

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of the Environment to continuously try to unravel the muzzling of government scientists.

I accept that the minister would never knowingly mislead this House but his answers do not accord with the facts.

I have an email here to a responsible journalist with Postmedia in which it states that “an interview cannot be granted” with the scientist in question.

I would urge the parliamentary secretary not to tell us that the minister speaks for all scientists. The reality is that, if the minister is not muzzling these scientists, and I accept that he is not, will he investigate who in the Government of Canada is muzzling these scientists?

Michelle Rempel: Mr. Speaker, I know the minister has addressed this issue on numerous occasions.

However, before I answer the question, I would like to congratulate my hon. colleague at Finance on Canada’s new job numbers. The global recovery remains fragile but this government is working hard right now to get Parliament to implement the next phase of our action plan.

I encourage my colleague across the aisle to vote in support of our budget measures, which include funding for climate change adaptation. And, ministers do speak for the government.