Oil and Gas Industry

Elizabeth May: Madam Speaker, in a recent National Post article, B.C. journalist Terry Glavin raised concerns about the extent of Chinese ownership in the oil sands. He pointed out that Sinopec, which is owned by the Communist Party of China and is the seventh largest corporation in the world, plus PetroChina and a number of others now have a $20 billion stake in direct ownership of the oil sands. He raised this question: “Just how Sinopec became co-author of” the Prime Minister’s “new foreign policy and energy strategy isn’t a question any of us are supposed to be asking”.


Well, I am asking. How did this happen without public debate?

David Anderson: Madam Speaker, the premise of the member’s question is just rubbish. Our government is concentrating on what is important to Canadians, which is the environment and economic growth.

The fact is the oil sands are responsible for over 100,000 direct jobs across Canada. That number will grow to 700,000 jobs. That is how many jobs the opposition, the NDP member opposite and the Liberals say no to every time they oppose the development of the Canadian economy.