Opposition Motion – Omnibus Legislation

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I have restrained myself from asking the hon. member to keep her points relevant to today’s motion, so forgive me for also asking an irrelevant question based on something in her speech.

She has been touting the benefits of the Canada-China increasing investments. What is the member’s opinion on whether it would not be prudent for the current Canada-China investment treaty, which would lock Canada in for a period of 15 years to preferential treatment of Chinese enterprises, even more preferential treatment than Canadian businesses would receive in China, to come before the House of Commons before it passes automatically in Privy Council?

Cathy McLeod: Mr. Speaker, that truly is not only inaccurate but it is outside the relevance of the discussion for today. However, I look at the forestry sector in British Columbia, and the member is also from the community of British Columbia, and how trade with China has been absolutely critical. I have a number of mills in my community that have put a couple of hundred people in our rural areas back to work. Again, that relates to our very positive trade relationships throughout the world.

Again, it does all tie into a big budget bill requiring a comprehensive plan for extraordinary times.