Parliament: Question to PM Trudeau on Supporting Global Education Efforts

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, we were all moved enormously and inspired by the words of Malala Yousafzai in this place just hours ago.

In her words, will the Prime Minister make girls’ education the central theme of his upcoming G7 presidency? Will he use the influence of Canada to help fill the global education funding gap? Will Canada offer to host the upcoming replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education? Will Canada prioritize 12 years of school for every refugee child?

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister

Mr. Speaker, it was a tremendous honour today to welcome Malala Yousafzai in this House, and I agree with the member opposite that it was a historic moment. It challenges us all to do more and to be more.

I can assure all members of the House that next year, in our G7 presidency, there will be a strong emphasis on gender equality and opportunity for women and girls across the world and here at home, including an emphasis on education.

I look forward to working with the Global Partnership for Education to ensure that we are investing properly in education right around the world, specifically for girls. I know that ensuring K-12 education for all girls around the world is one of the paths forward to creating peace and prosperity around the world, opportunity for all, and economic growth for our country and for the developing world. That is what we will do.