Question of Privilege – Alleged Misuse of Email Accounts

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I will make an attempt to not repeat anything that has already been said, but I do believe, having tracked this issue very—

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

The Speaker: Order, please. The hon. member for Saanich—Gulf Islands has the floor.


Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I repeat, I will not say things that have been said by others. I associate myself with comments from other members of the opposition, but I wish to add this for your consideration.

As you can see, tempers are flaring on both sides of the House. We have before us a Canada-China investment treaty without an opportunity to debate it. There is a reality here in terms of motivation, which may affect the deliberate attempt to jam the personal account of the hon. member for Vancouver Kingsway, and that is that the NDP sent out a message urging people to write to members of the trade committee to ensure that they would allow a debate in that committee. In my own office we have received thousands and thousands of emails.

The way this is unfolding and the failure to allow debate in the House, I want to suggest to you, Mr. Speaker, that there is a motivation here to deliberately target the hon. member for Vancouver Kingsway.

The Speaker: I thank all hon. members for their interventions on this and I will, of course, look into this and come back to the House with a decision.