Points of Order – Statements by Members

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I raised this point of order some time ago. The tradition and the principles behind the Standing Order 31 rule are that it allows members of Parliament to raise issues of concern to their constituents. I raised the point many months ago that they were now being used increasingly for crass partisan purposes, and now they are increasingly being used for personal attacks.

You said, Mr. Speaker, that you might consider at some point ruling on it. Perhaps over the summer you could give it some thought, and we could start in the fall with some guidance on this point.

The Speaker: I thank the hon. member for Saanich—Gulf Islands. I will take a look at today’s S. O. 31s and come back to the House if necessary.

The hon. member for Prince Edward—Hastings is rising on a point of order.

Daryl Kramp: Mr. Speaker, I heard the comment from the member for Saanich—Gulf Islands and I take offence to it.

The reason I take offence is that when I stand in this place, I am typical of any member of my party or another member of Parliament. It is offensive to suggest that I am not doing it because it does not matter to my riding when $15,000 came from my riding to a person it should not have. That is wrong.

The Speaker: We are certainly not going to get into debate on points of order on an S. O. 31 that I have yet to review.

We will move on to the vote now.