Purple Day Act (Bill C-278)

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, it is really a tribute to a grassroots effort that has gone global that we are here today unanimously supporting a bill. It certainly is a pleasure to be united in a non-partisan way. Cassidy Megan deserves a tremendous amount of credit.

One of the ways in our technological age that we check the success of any project is to Google it. The first entry that pops up for Purple Day is the web page of this great organization. People watching at home can check it out and participate in celebrating Purple Day.


My question for the hon. member for Halifax West is what more can we do once we have passed the bill to ensure that we not only mark Purple Day and increase awareness of epilepsy, but take extra steps to make sure that people who are dealing with epilepsy are fully supported in their efforts to educate others?

Hon. Geoff Regan: Mr. Speaker, I agree with my hon. colleague and former law school classmate on this point. We ought to be looking for opportunities. When people Google the words “Purple Day” and find more information, they will see the list of things to do when a person is having a seizure. This all helps to demystify epilepsy. It helps people understand this is a fairly common condition and to know what to do when this happens. This can make a positive difference in the lives of people who have this condition.

We can keep looking for ways to spread the word about this, not just when the bill passes, but on future occasions and especially on March 26 each year. I hope we can work to overcome the issue of drug shortages which is affecting many epilepsy patients.