Question on RCMP Harrassment

Madam Speaker, my question for the hon. parliamentary secretary picks up well on the comment just made by the member for Nanaimo—Ladysmith.

I am working with a lot of women within the RCMP who have filed complaints. One of the things I find disturbing is the lack of support for officers, and this would apply to men or women who are being harassed within the force. There is no support during the process of laying a complaint for harassment.

I am working with an officer right now who has complained that her direct supervisor has harassed her in ways that have made going back to the workplace impossible. I will not go into the details of the case, but you would be shocked, Mr. Speaker, as would my friend the parliamentary secretary.

There is no provision, in the case of when they would have a union, of legal support or victim services for those officers who need to lay complaints about the harassment they face working in the RCMP.

Therefore, I would ask the hon. parliamentary secretary if he would envision that the legislation needs amendment to address this within collective bargaining. If so, would the government benches be open to amendments to ensure that in a unionized workforce people within the RCMP who are victims of harassment of all kinds have the protections and support they need to ensure they have a healthy workplace?