Opposition Motion – Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I would like to actually address this question to all members of this House.

The Canada-China investment treaty is significantly flawed. It does not protect the environment even as much as the agreement Canada just negotiated with Benin. The whole concept of investor-state agreements has been brought into question by cost-benefit analyses, such as those done by the government of Australia, which despite having large investments from China, and vice versa reciprocally, has looked at the issue and has decided that it does not want to enter into any more investor-state agreements. They are not in the interests of the country. They still have been able to have all the investments from China they have sought, because China has not pushed them for such a treaty.

This treaty is far too important to go down to defeat based on the Liberals not being able to agree to vote with the NDP and the NDP not being prepared to take the Liberals’ amendment. Individual Conservative members, I am sure, will be struggling with their consciences if this comes to a vote Tuesday night on a reasonable amendment to send it to committee.

My plea to all members of this place is that we find a way to compromise between the parties so that we can do what the people of Canada want and subject this treaty to a proper and thorough review in committee.