Scam Alert: Beware of COVID-19-inspired phishing scams

Please be aware that most coronavirus-related emails are fraudulent, with cybercriminals increasingly using the current pandemic to bait victims. Remain vigilant. Among the many fraudulent online campaigns currently circulating are phishing attacks that:

  • Claim to be government or bank notices regarding the federal compensation program; or
  • Mimic hospitals or other health authorities, telling recipients they are to provide personal information after having supposedly been in contact with someone with COVID-19.

Be advised that no government agency, financial institution, or health-service provider will ask you to provide personal information by email, and be wary of any email that promotes miracle solutions, spreads conspiracy theories, or claims to be (or even link to) an authoritative source of information.

Be vigilant and protect yourself:

  • Never send confidential information by email;
  • Confirm the sender is legitimate;
  • Be cautious if the email tone is urgent;
  • Ensure any enclosed URLs are spelled correctly;
  • Verify with the sender before opening any unexpected attachments; and
  • If you receive an email that you believe is legitimate, always go directly to the requesting organization’s website instead of clicking on embedded links.