Stand up for Parliament Hill security guards

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, last week we stood together in a moment of silence in memory of the tragic event of October 22, 2014.

We never had a public inquiry in this country as to the breakdown of security that allowed an armed man into this building. However, without any inquiry we do know that the House of Commons’ protective guards performed professionally and courageously, under the leadership of the former Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

Without a proper review, the previous government decided that the solution was to put the RCMP in charge of all Parliament Hill security, essentially demoting the very people who protected us. As a result, we now see ongoing labour negotiations and small signs of protest by our protective guards, who are now facing disciplinary action. They are not being treated with respect in labour negotiations by their new bosses. I ask all members of Parliament to stand up for the guards, just as they protected us then.