Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agrifood (AGRI)

This week the Committee finished its study of Growing Forward 2, and met in camera on Monday March 5th. The Committee decided to invite Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood, Gerry Ritz, to address the Committee in reference to the Supplementary Estimates 2011-2012, and the Main Estimates 2012-2013. The meeting will occur in Centre Block on Monday March 12th at 3:30pm.

Following this discussion, the Committee allocated a budget of $37, 700.00 to undertake a study on the food supply chain.

The study commenced on Wednesday March 7th, but the Committee only heard from two of the slated witnesses, and the meeting was dissolved for votes in the House of Commons. The Standing Committee did not resume following these votes, and will continue its study of the food supply chain on Wednesday March 14th.