Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM)

The Standing Committee on Citizenship & Immigration (CIMM) continued its study of how to improve security measures within the immigration system to prevent the entry of inadmissible applicants.

On Tuesday, February 28th, the committee heard testimony from the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform and the Centre for a Secure Free Society on the current security threats, specifically the risks posed by radical Islamism, within Canada’s immigration system and how best to address these security lapses while balancing the need to protect liberty in a democratic society.

On Thursday, March 1st, the committee heard testimony from Catherine Dauvergne, an expert on international migration law as well as three other individual immigration consultants relating to the potential ramifications of the various security provisions in Bill C-31 and whether these measures will actually yield a greater assurance of security and public safety in Canada.

The Auditor-General’s 2011 Fall Report on the issuance of visas: