Standing Committee on National Defence (NDDN)

This week The Standing Committee on National Defence (NDDN) finished its clause-by-clause consideration of Bill C-15, An Act to amend the National Defence Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts.

On March 4th, the committee finished its clause by clause consideration of Bill C-15. They carried clauses sixty-eight through one-hundred-thirty-five, as well as clause eleven quite quickly. Clauses one-hundred-one and eleven were agreed on division. The short title was also agreed to on division. Both NDP amendments (NDP-20 and NDP-21) were negatived. Conservative amendment G-2 was agreed to. Members debated clause seventy-five for nearly the entire meeting, and the clause by clause of the Bill was finally completed to report to the house just before 22:00.

On March 6th, the Committee met for only forty minutes to discuss Supplementary Estimates (C) 2012-13: Votes 1c, 20c and 30c under National Defence. Minster of Defence Peter MacKay was in attendance. Bells were ringing in the house and the meeting was adjourned early without going in camera, contrary to what was planned.