Statement on Thanksgiving

October 09, 2017
(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May released the following statement:

“For many Canadians, Thanksgiving is a time to come together and share a meal with friends, family and community. It is also a time to celebrate the local harvest and to support Canadian farmers and food producers.

“For some, Thanksgiving can be a time of loneliness as well. On this day of harvest, let’s not forget the less fortunate, both in Canada and around the world. Many see Canada as a place of peace, abundance, and opportunity. Part of our Canadian identity comes from helping others, particularly during difficult times. In that spirit, I welcome all Canadians to reach out to a neighbour or donate to your local food bank or shelter if it’s within your means.

“We also thank to the many emergency service workers and military who continue to serve our municipalities, provinces and country while many of us enjoy time off.

“I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!”