Statement on World Oceans Day 2016

(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May released the following statement on World Oceans Day 2016:

“When I first started celebrating World Oceans Day, my focus was on stopping over-fishing, protecting endangered marine species‎ and preventing pollution of our oceans. To all those problems, which remain pressing, we can add the new threat of ocean acidification. It is urgent that we move off burning fossil fuels so that we can preserve a healthy pH level. The increase in carbonic acid is already affecting oyster and scallop growers on Vancouver Island.”

“This year’s theme, Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet, includes a focus on removing plastics from our oceans. I encourage all Canadians to their part to help with coastal clean-up and other ocean-assisting ventures whenever they can. The oceans can no longer be out of sight and out of mind.”