Statements by Members – Concealment of Identity Act (Bill C-309)

Blake Richards : Mr. Speaker, about one year ago, I introduced private member’s Bill C-309, the concealment of identity act, which would fill a loophole in our country’s laws and provide the police with a tool to protect public safety.

However, I recently learned that the member for Saanich—Gulf Islands has taken to Twitter to mislead Canadians about this bill. On September 19 she wrote, “If a peaceful event gets out of hand…and it’s winter…and you have a scarf on…20 years in jail?”

The member knows full well that this bill is not aimed in any way at lawful protestors and yet, here she is accusing me of trying to throw Frosty the Snowman in the big house.

It is time for this lone Green Party member to depart from her fairy tale lands because police chiefs across the country, including Victoria’s own Jamie Graham, are supporting this bill.

When it comes up for third reading, I encourage her to rise from this chamber’s 309th seat and vote in favour of Bill C-309.