Summer 2013 Town Hall Videos

Summer 2013 Town HallsIn September 2013, Elizabeth May conducted a series of eight town halls in her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands and participated in several other events.

Elizabeth loves the opportunity to meet consistuents, give them an update on the previous Parliamentary session and respond to any questions the town hall participants might have. Over 780 individuals were able to participate and listen to her candid responses.

Didn’t have a chance to attend any of the town halls? Don’t live in the riding? Nearly 90 videos and over 100 photos were taken over the course of the two weeks.

The next series of town halls will occur in January 2014. Be sure to sign up to Elizabeth’s eNewsletter (on the right-hand side of your screen) to find out when they’re happening as they are booked!

"Northern Gateway Project" Press Conference
September 4, 2013
9 Photos
Saanich Town Hall
September 4, 2013
CO2 Levels of 400 ppm
Electronic Voting
Environmental Legislation
Experimental Lakes Area
Genetically Modified Foods
Mental Health
Proportional Representation
What is a Carbon Bubble?
6 Photos
Brentwood Bay Town Hall
September 5, 2013
Clean Tech Solutions
Tax Cuts
13 Photos
Sidney Town Hall
September 6, 2013
Fish Farms vs Wild Salmon
Party Cooperation
Railways or Pipelines
the use of Tasers
Who Will Be the Next PM
Why Hold Town Hall Meetings?
9 Photos
Charity Car Wash
September 7, 2013
Our Place Society Charity Car Wash
18 Photos
Sixth Annual Salt Spring Island Pride Parade
September 7, 2013
Parade Highlights
40 Photos
Saturna Island Town Hall
September 9, 2013
Syrian Civil War
8 Photos
Pender Island Town Hall
September 10, 2013
Corporate Taxation
Government Monitoring
12 Photos
Galiano Island Town Hall
September 11, 2013
11 Photos
Mayne Island Town Hall
September 12, 2013
The Power of the PMO
12 Photos
Salt Spring Island Town Hall
September 13, 2013
8 Photos
Salt Spring Island Fall Fair
September 14, 2013
10 Photos