The Greens Call On Harper’s Conservatives to End the Foreign Service Officers’ Strike

The Green Party of Canada supports the striking Foreign Service (FS) officers in their negotiations with Treasury Board President Tony Clement.

“For the government, the cost of fully addressing the wage gaps faced by FS officers would be $4.2 million over three years. That is an insignificant fraction of the cost job action has had on the Canadian economy,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

“The costs of pushing FS officers to strike are outrageous: visa delays for tourists will account for a $280 million loss this summer whereas the expected 20% drop in international students allowed in Canada means the country’s economy will lose up to $1.5 billion,” said Elizabeth May.

“The fact that undertrained contract personnel is deployed abroad to replace FS officers to take care of visa applications is extremely worrying. These temporary workers have no knowledge of local criminal networks,” said Don Galloway, Green Party Critic for Immigration and Citizenship.

“Will war criminals be allowed in Canada by contract personnel trying to speed through visa applications?” asked Mr. Galloway.

The Greens call on Harper’s Conservatives to negotiate in good faith with the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers and end the strike.