There’s still time: Stop Enbridge’s Risky Pipeline

It just doesn’t add up.

In December, the National Energy Board (NEB) recommended that Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline should be approved, claiming the benefits outweigh the risks.

You and I know that’s not the case.

We shouldn’t be surprised with the NEB’s recommendation — after all they have never said “no” to a pipeline — but we should be surprised at how weak the report actually was.

Missing was any serious analysis of the claim that the project is in Canada’s economic interest.

The reality is that Canadian citizens will take on the large-scale risk to our land and our water while multinational corporations and foreign refineries will take on the economic benefits.

But it’s not too late — the Conservatives have around 140 days to decide whether they will accept the NEB’s recommendation. That means you still have time:

Take action now — add your name with thousands of other Canadians to tell the Harper Administration that this risky pipeline and tanker scheme is not in your economic or environmental interest.

Canada needs an economy that works for us — one with forward-thinking resource development that promotes Canadian energy security, climate sanity and creates value-added jobs here at home. An economy which protects and conserves our land and our water from needlessly reckless development.

Enbridge’s risky pipeline just doesn’t make sense: