Transport Canada Fails to Note Real Obstructions to Northern Gateway

Conclusions of Transport Canada that supertankers are safe off BC’s North Coast are next to meaningless, says the Green Party of Canada.  “Transport Canada thinks it is sufficient to conclude there are no obstructions that would prevent colossal tankers from sailing this route.  They fail to properly consider the near certainty of an accident, the frequency of storms, and the lack of anchorage.  Simply to say something is possible does not mean it is a good idea,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

Since 1972, the coastal waters of British Columbia have been officially protected from oil tanker traffic through a moratorium established through a provincial-federal agreement, something the Green Party has been calling for to be enshrined in legislation.

May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, has tabled petitions in the House of Commons to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  “Over and over from constituents and citizens, I hear that this pipeline is not wanted.  It will not benefit BC and it is not worth the risk,” said May.