Week in Review: 04/04-08

It was Budget week in Ottawa, with the Liberals tabling their first budget since they announced their agreement with the NDP.

Elizabeth, Mike, Amita and their team members went into lockup on Thursday to analyse the budget, which makes some promising commitments to help Canadians with affordability but ignores the reality of the climate crisis.

After Budget day, Elizabeth, recovered from COVID-19, returned to BC to start a series of community meetings on Friday. For more information on the community meetings, click here.

Question Period

Days after the release of the most recent IPCC report, as well as the federal government tabling the Emissions Reduction Plan, the Liberals announced the approval of the Baie du Nord offshore oil exploration project. In her question this week, Elizabeth asked the Prime Minister whether he really understood IPCC science.

In her statement on World Health Day, Elizabeth noted that the planet’s health is in dire straights. She quipped that despite prescriptions from the planet’s doctor, the IPCC, the Liberal government just can’t seem to quit the things are making the planet sick.

Mike, too, in Question Period, implored the government to be a climate leader, and stop caving to the oil and gas lobby.

Key Moments