Week in Review Feb 6 – 10

The Green Caucus submitted its budget recommendations on Friday, pulling together input from Canadians across the country, as well as advice from diverse sectors on how to work towards a greener, more just future. Stay tuned to read the Green budget submission.

A petition sponsored by Mike, petition E-4268 is currently the top electronic petition, with more than 24 thousand signatures! Click here to learn about granting trans people abroad asylum in Canada.

Elizabeth’s Private Member’s Bill C-226 (an act to create an Environmental Justice Strategy) passed its Report Stage vote on Wednesday. Next stop: Third Reading.

It is not too late to send a letter to the Minister of Environment to encourage him to keep environmental regulations strong in Canada. Click here to learn more about our campaign to protect the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA).

Key Moments

Mike Morrice: Commit to the Canada Mental Health Transfer in Budget 2023

Mike Morrice: We need urgent action on the housing crisis

Elizabeth May: The Government still has its foot on the climate accelerator

Mike Morrice: Black Excellence abounds in Waterloo Region