Week in Review Nov 28 – Dec 2

On Monday, Elizabeth attended a dinner in honour of Carl Meyer, Canada’s former Ambassador for Nuclear Disarmament, for an evening of discussion surrounding Canada’s lack of nuclear disarmament policy. The event was presented by CIPS and Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Earlier this week, Mike presented amendments on Bill C-18, the Online News Act. Mike’s amendments would help local news organization access more funding, and create greater transparency surrounding deals between large tech companies and news organizations.

After Canada‘s own Federal Housing Advocate released a statement that the country‘s housing strategy is failing, Mike asked the Minister of Housing, Diversity, and Inclusion what he plans to do to ensure funds allocated to housing actually reduce homelessness.

Elizabeth will attend the biodiversity COP15 in Montreal next week as part of the Canadian delegation.

Late Show

In Adjournment Proceedings, Elizabeth pointed out that since 1990, Canada’s emissions have risen more than any other G7 country. “When we have a government that is insisting on building pipelines, expanding production and drilling off Newfoundland,” she said, “Our Prime Minister has his foot an the accelerator to climate hell.”

In his Late Show debate, Mike asked the government to address the unacceptable delays faced by immigrants with non-routine applications, for whom regular processing times do not apply. “It feels unjust,” he said, referencing that people with citizenship can travel, while those waiting for their applications to be finished, cannot, “with no timeline and seemingly no accountability.”

Question Period

Elizabeth May: Success of COP15 in Montreal depends on the Prime Minister’s commitment

Mike Morrice: The National Housing Strategy is failing

Key Moments

Elizabeth May: Collaboration in committee is a great source of pride

Elizabeth May: We must protect the privacy of Canadians

Elizabeth May: Canada’s Prime Minister has his foot on the accelerator to climate hell

Mike Morrice: The government must address delays in processing non-routine immigration files

Mike Morrice: Men must be part of the solution to end gender-based violence