What is the government doing to help seniors?

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2020-04-29 14:05

Thank you.

Turning to the crisis for our seniors, I really want to commend the government. I can see that we’ve been moving, step by step, dealing with the crisis that hit Canadians. A lot of people are still being left behind. In the spirit of pushing for more, I want to know when we are going to help our seniors. They are watching their retirement savings shrink. They are wondering when it is their turn to see some help.

Hon. Mona Fortier (Ottawa—Vanier)
2020-04-29 14:05

Mr. Chair, I thank my honourable colleague for her question.
As we’ve been discussing, since the beginning we’ve been supporting seniors with helping them to get access to their GIS and OAS, and we will continue to do that. We have also invested to make sure they get access to services at their homes or access to more food. We will continue to work with seniors as we go along in this crisis.