When will the government update the Paris Target?

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2020-11-30 15:07 [p.2688]

Mr. Speaker, on December 12, the United Nations will be marking the fifth anniversary of the successful conclusion of the Paris negotiations. The Paris agreement stands as our best hope to avert runaway global warming. We have had some good news and the U.S. is planning to rejoin under President-elect Biden.

Could the hon. minister update the House on where Canada is toward improving our target as we are required to do within calendar 2020?

Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson (North Vancouver)
2020-11-30 15:07 [p.2688]

Mr. Speaker, our government has made very clear its firm commitment to bring forward a plan to exceed our 2030 targets under the Paris agreement and to define pathways to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. We have previously put into place what is by far the most significant and comprehensive climate plan in Canadian history. I look forward to bringing forward a plan to exceed our 2030 targets in the very near term.

We will then be engaging consultations with indigenous peoples, provinces and territories and with Canadians generally as part of informing and finalizing Canada’s updated nationally determined contributions well in advance of COP24.