Will CBSA prevent American tourists from entering the country?

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2020-07-08 13:41 [p.2551]

Madam Chair, I would be very happy to ask the Conservatives that, but I am afraid questions go to the government members.
My question now for the government members is this. We are having a lot of concern, particularly in areas such as Saanich—Gulf Islands near the U.S. border, about what is being called the Texas loophole. I do not think we actually meant to put in place something called a Texas loophole. I spoke with the Minister of Public Safety.

What we are going to do to ensure that the Canada Border Services Agency does not let tourists into Canada for less than essential purposes, potentially spreading COVID-19?

Hon. Bill Blair (Scarborough Southwest)
2020-07-08 13:41 [p.2551]

Madam Chair, in response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we have agreed with the United States to restrict all non-essential travel for such activities such as tourism and recreation right across the border. Should travellers be admitted, they are provided with information that indicates they are not to make any unnecessary stops. We know there have been a number of cases. The RCMP and the police of jurisdiction have begun to determine whether there are violations, and enforcement has begun on these matters.

We want to discourage people from entering our country, crossing that border, for non-essential purposes while these restrictions remain in place.