2.1.10 Agriculture

Livestock production is currently a major contributor to non-carbon dioxide GHG emissions. Of the GHG emissions generated from agriculture, 43% comes from dairy and beef herds emitting methane; 40% from poor soil fertilization practices releasing N2O; 15% from poor manure management from penned livestock herds; and 2% from other sources. Because of the multiple benefits of organic farming methods, including a big reduction in GHG emissions, Green Party MPs will work to assist non-organic farmers who wish to transition to organics to make the switch. Local food production will be encouraged to reduce emissions from transport.

Green Party MPs will promote the use of manure and farm waste to build soil nutrition and organic content. We will pay farmers for carbon sequestration in soils within a domestic carbon market. This will promote no-till agriculture practices which will in turn slow and reverse the process of soil depletion. We will plan for transition to 100% organic farming.

Urban agriculture will be encouraged to provide more local food, including more green roofs, reducing air conditioning demand and run-off in deluge rains.