2.1.11 Fossil fuels

Green Party MPs will:

  • Remove all subsidies and supports to the oil, coal, gas, and coalbed methane industries in Canada;
  • Apply escalating Carbon Fee and Dividend to all CO2, methane, N2O, fugitive, and other GHG emissions;
  • Apply a carbon fee to all producers of fossil fuels, redistributed as a dividend to every Canadian, as above;
  • Work with provinces to ensure no new coal-fired electrical generation plants;
  • Work with provinces to place a moratorium on horizontal fracking;
  • Pass legislation to keep Canada’s west coast crude oil supertanker-free, ensuring both that a new West Coast oil bitumen-diluent port will not be built and that current bitumen-diluent tanker traffic in the Port of Vancouver be rapidly phased out;
  • Work to establish a Federal Ministry of Energy Transition Plan to co-ordinate the transition from a fossil fuel based economy to one based on renewable energy;
  • Work to establish a Strategic Petroleum and Natural Gas Reserve to address secure domestic petroleum supply in the event of shortages both short term and long-term, a Natural Gas Emergency Preparedness Plan that addresses potential natural gas supply shortages, and an Emergency Preparedness Plan to address other energy supply crises.