Best MPs On Twitter: Our List Of The Politicians To Follow In Canada

Publication Source: Huffington Post
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Author: Michael Bolen

When politics and Twitter collide bad things often happen. Just ask Pat F-Bomb Martin.

But profanity isn’t the only problem when it comes to politicians online. Canada’s Parliament contains plenty of MPs who seem to have missed the news that we’ve entered the 21st century. That said, there are some rays of light.

Some in Ottawa have figured out exactly how to engage, entertain and inform their fellow users. Here’s our look at the 14 MPs who are doing just that.

1. Elizabeth May

She may be the leader of the smallest party in Parliament, but Elizabeth May punches way above her weight online. The Green Party leader has nearly 40,000 followers, roughly triple the count held by Thomas Mulcair. How did she become such a digital success? One word: engagement. May’s stream shows consistent interaction with followers and journalists. The leaders of the larger parties could learn a thing or two from this plucky underdog. (CP)

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