Statement from Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, Leader of Green Party of Canada in relation to murder of Robin Wood in Mexico

Since the tragic death of Robin Wood on January 3, 2012, as Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, a riding which includes Salt Spring Island, I have been in touch with constituents in the Melaque area to offer assistance, if there was anything their MP could do.  Clearly, Robin Wood’s death has been an emotional body-blow to friends and acquaintances in Mexico and on Salt Spring Island.  It has also been very concerning to local Mexican residents of the area.

One of my constituents sent me the following update with a request that this statement be shared:

On January 5th, at a meeting attended by approximately 300 people from the local and foreign community of Melaque, the community expressed how very shocked, saddened, and appalled they are about the robbery-related murder that took place on January 3rd.  This has never happened before in Melaque and its citizens are extremely concerned about the safety and security of everyone in the community, both foreigners and locals.  The Mexicans in attendance also expressed their deep sorrow and remorse over this incident.

In response, Mexicans in Melaque are going house to house to collect signatures to petition the municipal government.  On January 9th a large delegation will be meeting with this government, based in nearby Cihuatlan, to ask for increased security and to bring justice to this crime.  They want everyone to feel safe in Melaque and will be demanding an increased police force and also the resumption of the tourist police force, who speak English and can readily assist English-speaking visitors and residents.  The delegation will also be requesting an accounting of the actions and progress on this by the local government.

I know all Canadians wish these local efforts well and will appreciate any efforts by Mexican government(s) to respond positively to this local request for greater security.