Bill C-38 by the Numbers

Legislation Affected Number of Amendments
Income Tax Act 2
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 102
National Energy Board Act 63
Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act 1
Nuclear Safety and Control Act 4
Fisheries Act 50
Canadian Environmental Protection Act 12
Species at Risk Act 9
Measures with Respect to the Auditor General of Canada 2
Territorial Borrowing Limits 3
Social Security Tribunal and Service Delivery 3
Consolidation of Privacy Codes 1
Social Insurance Number Cards 1
Amendments Relating to the Parks Canada Agency 4
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 3
Integrated Cross-Border Law Enforcement Operations Act 5
Food and Drugs Act 7
Government Employees Compensation Act 1
Canada Labour Code 1
Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act 1
Old Age Security Act 6
Seeds Act 7
Statutory Instruments Act 1
Investment Canada Act 1
Railway Safety Act 1
Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act 1
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development Act 1
Health of Animals Act 2
Canada School of Public Service Act 1
Bank Act 2
Corrections and Conditional Release Act 3
Status of the Artist Act 1
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy Act 1
Employment Insurance Act 2
First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act 1
Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-Establishment and Compensation Act 1
Repeal of the Department of Social Development Act 9
Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act 2
Assisted Human Reproduction Act 2