Bruce Hyer named Green Party Democratic Reform Critic

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands today announced that Green MP and Deputy Leader Bruce Hyer has been appointed as the Party’s Democratic Reform Critic.

“I have tremendous respect for Bruce Hyer’s profound personal commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in our democratic institutions, ” said May. “I am so honoured that he has taken on our Party’s Democratic Reform file.”

Since his election in 2008, Hyer, the Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay–Superior North has introduced bills and motions to reform the confidence convention, enhance the power of the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Auditor General, make Canada’s electoral system more proportional, enable cross party cooperation, limit the power of party leaders and make MPs directly accountable to their constituents.

“Today, democracy is in real crisis in Canada. This new role of democratic reform critic is a great fit. Too often hyper-partisan politics and mindless tribalism drown out solutions that work for Canadians,” said Hyer. “It’s time to reform parliament so that it’s more cooperative, productive and responsive to the needs of all Canadians.”