Can Canada commit to studying our obligations under the Canada-China FIPA?

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2020-11-17 13:54 [p.1994]

Madam Speaker, I appreciate the opportunity to put this question to my colleague, the parliamentary secretary. I had hoped to put it to our former minister of trade, the member for Abbotsford.

The discussion of the Canada-China foreign protection and promotion of investment accord comes up a bit in this debate. We really do need to have it studied in committee. By virtue of the fact that it was brought through and approved as a treaty without a piece of legislation, never debated or studied in Parliament nor in any parliamentary committee, members do not recognize that it actually cemented in place unfair rules in the People’s Republic of China vis-à-vis Canadian companies, and gives China access and punishment regimes in secret.

Would the hon. parliamentary secretary commit, as we are bound by it for 31 years, to actually studying what we are required to respect in the Canada-China FIPA?

Francesco Sorbara (Vaughan—Woodbridge)
2020-11-17 13:55 [p.1994]

Madam Speaker, most of the House would agree that her intervention is very well warranted. I very much agree in terms of the content and extent of the member’s remarks.

I will say that our government, first and foremost, will always put the interests of Canadians ahead of other countries and other states. We will continue to do that. Other governments will answer for themselves in terms of the agreements they went into. We will look at that, but our government is focused on ensuring that Canadians’ interests are ahead of anyone else. I fully support that.