Canadians deserve a say on transport of radioactive materials

The Green Party of Canada is suggesting that a public review is necessary regarding the shipping of uranium through Canada to the US, contrary to the conclusions of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.  “Communities deserve to know if this dangerous and toxic material is passing through their streets,” said Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

The federal government has been keeping the transport of this weapons-grade uranium secret, including the delivery route.  “Even if certain details need to be kept secret for security purposes, Canadians should still have the opportunity to have their questions answered and make their voices heard,” said May.

There was an outpouring of opposition to the Bruce Power plan to transport 16 decommissioned nuclear steam generators from south western Ontario to Sweden for recycling through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. This plan is still on hold.

“The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission continues to display a reckless attitude toward the risks of transporting radioactive materials through-Canadian communities and ecosystems. Municipalities and First Nations have already let it be known that they do not want to assume these risks.  At the very least, a full environmental assessment with corresponding public consultation should be automatic for shipments of radioactive material,” said May.