CEAA Terminated?

The Green Party of Canada is expressing outrage over the termination of the legally required review of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) and is calling for committee meetings to begin again.  All committee meetings have been cancelled and no further input is being accepted.  “This is just another example of the Harper government’s disdain for proper procedure,” said Saanich-Gulf Island MP Elizabeth May, Leader of the Greens.  “The Act requires a review but it is becoming obvious that what this government really wants is just to throw CEAA out altogether.”

May had offered to be a witness during hearings on needed changes to CEAA but with the cancellation of any further input, will not have her voice heard.  “The short review that has happened so far is nowhere close to sufficient,” said May.  “Many interested parties have not yet had a chance to present.  This termination is totally disrespectful and in contravention of legislation.”

CEAA requires assessments of any environmental impacts from development projects and lays out a process for public participation.

“With what we know about the fragility of our environment, we should be seeking ways to improve the effectiveness of environmental assessment.  Industry has told us that what they want is consistency and clarity.  Instead, the Harper government just wants to throw the regulations away and let any project go through, regardless of consequences,” said May.