MPs Show Support for BlackOutSpeakOut

Today is BlackOutSpeakOut day when several of Canada’s top environmental groups, along with thousands of Canadian citizens, will “black out” their websites to protest the Harper Conservatives’ attacks on environmental groups, as well as the destruction of environmental legislation and protection in Bill C-38.
As the unprecedented and undemocratic omnibus “budget” Bill C-38 is rushed through a token Finance Sub-Committee, people are also speaking out against what they see as the Conservatives’ attacks on the very foundations of our society – our social programs, our cultural institutions, and our national interests.  
It is time for Opposition MPs to join with their fellow citizens and show support for today’s important and timely initiative.  
To do this, MPs are being asked to wear a small, felt badge.  This symbol of protest will have a black square sitting on and bordered by a larger white one.  The black represents Black Out and Bill C-38; the white one represents Speaking Out and Hope!  They are available in the Opposition Lobby.
We hope that wearing this badge will show our fellow citizens that we stand with them!  
To find out more about BlackOutSpeakOut, visit