Discussed Topics: Ukraine

Elizabeth May: Mr. Chair, I know this is one of those issues on which we speak with one voice. Whether Conservative, New Democrat, Liberal, or Green, we all care right for nothing more now than that violence should end, civil society should rebuild, and a democratic and peaceful solution be found in Ukraine.

We have a tremendous diaspora of Ukrainian Canadians living here who also inform us about their personal histories and connection to the land.
However, I find it hard to hear the word “leadership” used. We are not in a position of leadership in the world any more. The most we can do, I think, as Canadians of goodwill, is to urge the current administration to do more. Leadership is being taken more by the European Union. Leadership is being taken by the United States, which has, right now, put forward a substantial amount of money to backstop and protect the Ukrainian economy.

I would love to see us in a position of leadership, but what would that take?

I think we best play a role in the world, when we do play one, of a concerned, compassionate middle power. I think when we aspire to leadership, we do not, at this point, have the credentials to back it up, as much as it pains me to say that.