Elizabeth May’s Week in Review – February 2, 2017

Week in Review: January 29 to February 2

Welcome to Elizabeth May’s first parliamentary week in review of 2018! This weekly e-newsletter recaps her work in Parliament when the House is in session. Using the links below, you can watch videos of Elizabeth’s interventions in the House, keep up with her media releases, and read articles she has written. 

This week, Elizabeth pressed the government for concerted action on climate change. She highlighted the potential risk that a takeover of Aecon by a state-owned enterprise of the People’s Republic of China poses to Canadian labour and environmental protections. She held a press conference with Nathan Cullen to mark the anniversary of Trudeau’s broken promise on electoral reform. She challenged her colleagues to fix political financing laws and end cash for access events. She debated regulation of the emergent vaping industry. Finally, she commemorated the Quebec Mosque shooting and the late Constable Pierre Lozier.


Key Moments in the House


On Monday, the House commemorated the anniversary of the horrific act of terror in Quebec City that left six men dead and nineteen others injured. That evening, Elizabeth and representatives of every party flew in the Prime Minister’s plane to Quebec City to join thousands in a candlelight vigil. Elizabeth supports the National Council of Canadian Muslims in their proposal to recognize January 29 as a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia. 

Question Period




Adjournment Proceedings

Press Conference

Current Issues: Federal Leaders’ Debate Consultations

The Ministry of Democratic Institutions opened consultations for feedback on the federal leaders’ debates. At issue is whether an independent commission or Commissioner of Debates ought to be created to organize the debates in advance of the 2019 election.

Elizabeth contends that reform of the federal leaders’ debates is long overdue. The importance of these debates cannot be over-estimated: nationally broadcast debates matter to the leaders participating, the associated political parties, and most importantly, Canadian voters. National media coverage of the parties and their leaders is directly related to inclusion in the debates. This additional media coverage translates to electoral returns at the polls.

The more debates, the better. All Canadians have a right to view the federal leaders’ debates, and the Prime Minister has an obligation to answer Canadians, as do all other federal leaders.  Elizabeth believes more debates, in both traditional and new media formats, are better for Canadians. The leaders’ debates are an integral part of the election process.

The federal leaders’ debates should not be managed by a consortium of the same organizations who report on the event. A non-partisan, independent commission should be established to regulate the debates. This commission would create clear criteria for determining who is eligible to participate in these debates.

In March 2016, Elizabeth proposed key features for fair and inclusive leaders’ debates, published by Policy Options. Building on those proposals, she suggested in her feedback to the Minister that there be legislated criteria for inclusion in the debates; to have an advisory panel of network media work with the commission; and to compel leader attendance. You can read her full submission here. 

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and former Conservative Leader Stephen Harper take part in a debate, Thursday, August 6, 2015 in Toronto. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Submit Feedback to the Consultations, deadline February 9

What improvements would you like to see? What are your thoughts on an independent commission or Commissioner? Do you feel the media consortium should continue to organize the federal leaders’ debates? Share your thoughts with the Minister for Democratic Institutions, Karina Gould, by submitting here. The deadline for feedback is February 9.

MP Facebook Page

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Elizabeth speaking to constituents at a Town Hall on Mayne Island. January 20, 2018

In the News

Public Statements


Elizabeth introduced the following petitions to the government this week: 

  • Unite all provinces under a standard federal carbon tax and ensure this rate rises incrementally to at least $150 per tone by 2030.
  • Adopt a national poverty elimination strategy to ensure Canadians a quality of life and opportunity to succeed.

Note: Elizabeth presents petitions once the deadline for signatures has passed. After presentation in the House, the government has 45 calendar days to table a response. You may read the governments’ responses to petitions Elizabeth has introduced here.

View and sign open e-petitions currently sponsored by Elizabeth here.

Learn about the e-petition process or create one of your own here.

Community Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter – Truth & Reconciliation

Committee Briefs & Responses

Submission to the Consultations on the Federal Leaders’ Debates

Submission to the Consultations on Health Canada’s Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis​

Submission to the Consultations on the Proposed Excise Duty Framework for Cannabis Products

Submission to the Canada-Pacific Trade Consultations

Brief Submitted to the NAFTA Renegotiation Consultation

Brief Submitted to the Minister of Food and Agriculture Canada for “A Food Policy for Canada”

Response Submitted to the Consultations on Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Response Submitted to the “Environment and Regulatory Reviews: Discussion Paper”

Brief Submitted to the Expert Panel Reviewing Environmental Assessment Law

Brief Submitted to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change for the “Let’s Talk Parks Canada” Consultation

Brief Submitted to the Standing Committee on International Trade for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Consultation

Private Members’ Bills

Elizabeth May has introduced the following bills:

Bill C-387: This bill will establish a legislative framework for a national passenger rail service.

Bill C-269: This bill will abolish mandatory minimum sentences for all crimes except murder and treason.

Bill C-258: This “Think Small First” bill would require that every new bill introduced in the House undergo an assessment to determine how the bill would impact Canadian small businesses.

Bill C-259: The Open Science Act would require all federal departments to make all publicly funded scientific research available to Canadians on their websites.

For a list of private members’ bills Elizabeth May has seconded, please visit elizabethmaymp.ca.

Recent Events 

Monday, January 15 to Wednesday, January 24

  • Elizabeth held Town Hall meetings across the riding
Elizabeth at Fulford Elementary talking with students.
Elizabeth speaking to a group of constituents at a Town Hall on Salt Spring Island.
Constituents signing petitions before the Town Hall starts in Sidney.
Elizabeth speaking to a group of constituents at a Town Hall on Mayne Island, with Xo (the puppy) watching closely.
Elizabeth speaking at the Women’s March in Victoria.

​​​Friday, January 26

  • Elizabeth delivered a speech at an Equal Voice event during her visit to St. John’s, Newfoundland

​Wednesday, January 31

  • Elizabeth attended the launch of House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 3rd Edition 
Government House Leader, Hon. Bardish Chagger; Deputy Clerk, André Gagnon; Elizabeth May; Former Deputy Clerk, Marc Bosc)
  • Elizabeth attended the MP Reception of the Forum for Young Canadians
  • Elizabeth was a panelist at the Equal Voice event in Ottawa
Eleni Bakopanos; Elder Annie Smith St-Georges; Elizabeth May; Hon. Karina Gould; Stephanie Kusie; Niki Ashton; Monique Pauzé; Nancy Peckford

As always, the support of the Green Party of Canada has been invaluable in enabling Elizabeth to hold the government to account on such a large number of issues. For more information on their work, or to get involved, please visit: https://www.greenparty.ca/