Emergency Debate – Kidnapping of Girls in Nigeria

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I also want to commend the hon. member for bringing this to us in an emergency debate.

I would like to ask, very specifically, what more Canada can do. I agree entirely that we should be ratifying the small arms treaty and reducing the arms trade, but for these girls now, it feels like a very perilous situation.

I heard the member’s comments about the summit next week with President Hollande. Are there specific actions that he believes the Canadian government should be taking that it is not taking now?

Paul Dewar: Mr. Speaker, yes. We should build on what has already been asked for, which is the support that the Nigerian government has asked for in terms of surveillance. We could also do what we have done in the past, particularly in Darfur. In fact, we trained Nigerian officials and members of the military and police to conduct surveillance better. We can do that. We did that to train Nigerian forces in the case of Darfur.

That is something that we could bring to the table, to make sure that they are going conduct this rescue in a responsible manner, one that will not aggravate things even more. We could also finally look at supporting education on the ground, to help those 10 million Nigerian children who, as I said, do not have access to school at all right now.