Emergency Debate – The Situation in Syria

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I wish to congratulate my colleague, the hon. member for La Pointe-de-l’Île. She is very eloquent, and I am always impressed by her work.

What does she think needs to happen in order for all the countries in the world to find a political solution? Which country is most important? I think Russia and perhaps China are the most important. What does my colleague think?

Ève Péclet: Mr. Speaker, considering the nature of this crisis, the Syrian crisis, I think the support of the entire international community is important.

We all agree that this conflict is affecting more than just one country. It is starting to affect neighbouring countries. I think it is crucial that the Security Council and the United Nations combine their efforts.

Whether it is Russia, China or another country, Canada has a role to play. Canada has always been a neutral country that forged ahead. I think this is vital to diplomatic relations. Regardless of the country we choose to put pressure on, we need to come up with a solution for long-term peace, in co-operation with the UN.