Foreign Investment

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, with no public debate, significant Canadian energy resources have been sold to Chinese state enterprises.

Where were our national security reviews? Where were the foreign investment reviews while significant elements of Canadian sovereignty were traded away?

Now we find there are investor state provisions in the new trade deal involving the right of Chinese state enterprises to sue any level of government, whether municipal, provincial or federal, that passes health and safety regulations the Chinese do not like.

When will all these issues be brought before this House for full and transparent debate?

Hon. Christian Paradis: Mr. Speaker, if the member had followed what happened in 2009, she would know that the national security aspect was included in the law.

We improved transparency and we are still working to make sure that we will have foreign investment with net benefits for Canada.

Instead of fear-mongering, the member should stand with us and make sure we work for economic growth and jobs.