Gerrymandering possible, but also difficult to achieve, and dangerous’ for democracy

Publication Source:  The Hill Times
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Bea Vongdouangchanh and Laura Ryckewaert

Gerrymandering is possible in the electoral boundaries redistribution, but also highly difficult, and if it is happening, it’s “very dangerous,” say government and opposition MPs.

“It would be possible, but it would require collusion on the part of the people appointed to the commission,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands, B.C.). “Certainly, my experience with the British Columbia commission, where I’ve certainly paid more attention, is that couldn’t happen there. I’m doubtful it could happen in Saskatchewan.”

Ms. May said the calls in and of themselves are “neither illegal nor particularly wrong” as the commission’s job is to listen to the public.

“If you did have people showing up at the hearings and asking for different boundaries, that’s the commissioner’s job, to listen to the public’s concerns. So if there was political posturing to say, Get out there and tell them you want to move into this riding so we can tilt it enough to have the conservatives benefit,’ that’s not, unless those calls are paid for by taxpayers dollars; that’s not illegal, that’s just you know, stirring up your troops to say, We want the boundaries here instead of there,’ ” she told The Hill Times.

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