Green Party Launches

Fraudbot 2011Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party, today announced that her party has launched a new website designed to get to the murky bottom of the robocalling scandal. is another route Canadians can take to share their experiences with other concerned citizens – and, in some cases, Elections Canada,” said May.  “We have to make it as easy as possible for voters to air and document their complaints, so that the systematic attempt to manipulate the election results is exposed.” will also help Canadians keep track of the progress Elections Canada, the opposition parties, concerned citizens, and the media are making toward getting to the truth behind the sabotaging of the 2011 Federal Election.  It will include the latest related news and information.

At the same time, the site will focus on May’s call for a full, independent, public inquiry, which is gaining support from a variety of individuals and groups.

“I don’t know who organized it; I don’t know who paid for it,” has said May of the illegal robocalling. “But one thing that I do know is if we don’t have a full, public, independent inquiry, none of us will ever know.”

May has pointed out that such an inquiry is needed now more than during the so-called Sponsorship Scandal under the Liberal governments because:  “Stealing money is bad, stealing someone’s vote is much worse.”

Dirty Tricks robocalling is a nation-wide and systematic attempt to diminish democracy.

“This attack on citizens’ rights to a free, full, and fair election is not a partisan issue.  All parties should want to do whatever they can to expose these crimes,” said May.  “As long as this shadow of doubt about the legitimacy of the Harper majority exists, Canadians will feel we are not being governed democratically.”