Green Party Speaks out against Animal Abuse

The Green Party is appalled by the livestock transportation industry’s abuse and neglect of pigs, as revealed by a recent undercover investigation by the organization Mercy for Animals.

In full view of government CFIA inspectors, workers were observed beating, kicking, dragging and electrically shocking pigs. Bolt cutters were used to break through male pigs’ tusks, and countless pigs died in grueling journeys on trucks without any weather protection.

“Reports in 2008 by Radio-Canada and in 2010 by the WSPA revealed similar cruelties in the livestock transportation industry, yet we discovered again last week that government inspectors are failing to enforce the few animal welfare regulations that do exist,” said Sameer Muldeen, Animal Issues Critic for the Green Party of Canada.

This morning, Mercy for Animals representatives delivered over 80,000 petition signatures to the desk of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, demanding that the country’s transportation regulations be updated to prevent egregious animal suffering.

“For the last eight years, Minister Gerry Ritz has been promising to update Canada’s outdated animal transport regulations. Currently, animals may be transported for up to 52 hours without food, water or rest in poor weather, and often suffer painful deaths due to dehydration, suffocation, injuries and extreme weather.”

The Green Party of Canada is the only party in Parliament with strong animal welfare policies to ensure the humane treatment of animals. The Greens would establish a Parliamentary Committee on animal welfare to pro-actively examine legislation affecting animals and liaise with the animal welfare community.

“Voluntary codes of practice for farmed animals have failed to protect vulnerable animals,” concluded Sameer Muldeen. “Isn’t it finally time that humane treatment of animals in transport becomes law in Canada?”