Green Party Supports Robofraud Applications; Repeats Call for Inquiry

As eight Canadians in six federal ridings go to Federal Court in Ottawa again today, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands, offered her support to the applicants and to the Council of Canadians which is sponsoring their applications.

May expressed her hope that the cases relating to allegations of vote suppression – the widespread use of automated messages (“robocalls”) or live calls to direct citizens to the wrong polling stations – will get to the bottom of illegalities in the last federal election.

“Since May 2, 2011, we have watched the Harper Conservative majority conduct an aggressive agenda unpopular with most Canadians,” said May. “All this has been done while a cloud of doubt hangs over too many election results.  For this reason, I want to thank the individual citizens who have had the courage to come forward with their concerns, and the COC for supporting them.”

Although the Conservative lawyers would like to have the entire proceedings thrown out of court, May agreed there was a definite need to expose any and all fraudulent electoral activity, even if this meant overturning some results. 

“Canadians must be able to have faith in the electoral process and know that the Members of Parliament sitting in the House of Commons are there through legitimate means,” she concluded.  “Otherwise, our system of democracy will be suspect and dangerously weakened.”

May repeated her call for a public inquiry which she, Craig Scott (Toronto-Danforth), and Stephane Dion (St. Laurent-Cartierville) made earlier this week.

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