Greens Challenge Harper and Mulcair

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is deploring both Stephen Harper’s and Thomas Mulcair’s stand on the issue of a carbon tax system for Canada.

“I am saddened to see the Conservative and NDP Leaders slamming each other and accusing each other of supporting a carbon tax instead of trying to do something about the climate crisis. Harpers’s Conservatives need to finally acknowledge rapid climate change is a threat to us all. Mulcair’s NDP needs to clearly say that taxing carbon so other forms of energy are favoured is the way to go. That is what leaders do: be wise enough to see the entire picture and be courageous enough to put forward a policy that will bring real change,” said May.

“Thomas Mulcair should be ashamed for not defending a carbon tax system. British Columbia now has had such a revenue-neutral carbon tax in place for four years. The last time I checked, the economy of the province had not vanished. Not only that, but people in BC actually support the system. Someone has to step to the plate and support a carbon tax system. Only the Greens do that”, concluded May.

“A revenue-neutral carbon tax, like the one in BC, actually reduces income taxes while charging the true cost of pollution. Companies like Shell and Petro-Canada are now calling for a carbon price in order to allow rational decision-making and investment,” added Green Shadow Cabinet Member for International Affairs Eric Walton.