The Green Party of Canada Urges All Members of Parliament To Support Bill C-305

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May urges all Members of Parliament to vote this evening in favour of Bill C-305, the National Transit Strategy Act. This Bill is sponsored by Member of Parliament for Trinity-Spadina Olivia Chow. Greens’ Leader Elizabeth May was a joint-seconder on C-305.

“I urge all MPs to vote in favour of C-305. I especially hope those of my colleagues from the Conservative Party who approve the bill will be allowed to support it,” said May.

“Canada’s population is aging and an effective public transportation system is key for seniors to be able to take advantage of all the resources in their community,” added May.

“Bill C-305 is exactly what Canada’s fast-growing, dynamic cities need to thrive. Lasting prosperity in the twenty-first century will belong to those cities that make strategic investments in sustainable urban infrastructure now,” added Chris Turner, sustainability author and Green Party candidate for Calgary Centre”.