It is time to work with the U.S. to get Chapter 11 out of NAFTA

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, yesterday Canada lost yet again in a challenge that we made in Federal Court against a secret Chapter 11 tribunal that had overturned a very fair, full, and robust review of the Digby Neck quarry. The company Bilcon went from losing to the Nova Scotia Conservative government, the federal Conservative government. It went for $570 million. It looks like the company is going to get it.

Will the Prime Minister agree it is time to work with the United States in these renegotiations and get Chapter 11 out of NAFTA?

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister

Mr. Speaker, our priority since day 1 has been to help the Canadian middle-class and those working hard to join it.

We will continue to advance an agenda that seeks to improve NAFTA, including on issues such as trade and gender, trade and indigenous peoples, labour, environment, and investment.

As we work toward modernizing NAFTA, we will vigorously pursue and defend Canadian interests but we will not be negotiating in public.

We are looking for a good deal for Canada, one that will continue to make North America competitive for years to come.