Jobs and Growth Act, 2012 (Bill C-45)

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I have discovered a measure in Bill C-45 that I cannot figure out with respect to how it would help jobs, growth and the economy, so perhaps the hon. member can help me.

It would create a whole new barrier to tourism in Canada. It would require an electronic verification of anyone coming from a country that does not require a visa from the Government of Canada before he or she can come for a visit. It does not include people who are claiming refugee status, nor those wanting permanent residency. Any traveller wanting to visit Canada, such as a British doctor who has always dreamed of crossing Canada by rail, would first have to clear an online questioning system and find out from the Minister of Immigration if he or she is admissible.

How does this help tourism, which includes jobs?

Royal Galipeau: Mr. Speaker, job creation is very important to this country. The fact is that the proof is in the pudding. Since the depth of the recession we have created over 820,000 new jobs.

Quite frankly, with respect to security measures, when people cross the border into Canada, I would approve any measure that brings more safety to our country and our citizens.